We are two Sisters, Danette & Renee,  who grew up creating. Many of the skills we learned were through 4H. We were always surrounded by creative women and men in our youth, and both of our grandmothers loved to sew and create. They made some really cool outfits for us when we were growing up, as youth in the 60’s and 70’s. We grew up in the lower panhandle of Idaho, and many women in our rural communities were always crafting and creating, often out of necessity. Renee is a professional Truck Driver, Web Developer and Crazy Coat Creator.

Renee and her truck

and Danette is an Up-cycle Artist Extraordinaire  & Belly Dancer

Danette, in dance skirt she made

Danette, in an artisan dance skirt created by the Artist Extraordinaire herself!

(bellydancefamily.com), among other things…

On our website, we hope to share with you our creations and the diverse people and things that have inspired us throughout our lives.

One thing is for sure… we are addicted to fabric. We have always loved the different textures, patterns and feel of good quality fabrics. In 2006 we decided that we needed to start using up some of our stashes so that we could justify buying more. Danette had been volunteering at a SDA thrift store and noticed that they through away bag fulls of jeans because they either had stains or holes in the knees. She said “can’t we find a way to use those jeans?” Well… the gears started turning and our “Jeans Gone Crazy” (now WhereSistersCreate on Etsy) line was born. We love the idea of recycling, and we strive to re-purpose as many items as we can in our projects.

Over the years we have made and sold quilts, pillows, bags, aprons and skirts, all made from re-purposed jeans. We have moved on to create with sweaters, Tee’s and other fine fabrics and are bringing our products and ideas online!