Fellow Creative Ann Winters

We met Ann at the Moscow Ren Fair in May of 2017, where we fell for her whimsical recycled metal art & for her disarming personality. We had the grand opportunity to go out to dinner with her after the Custers show in Pasco WA, March of 2018. We were laughing so much that people were turning and smiling at us. (It was mostly at Renee’s expense but THAT’S another story….)

1) Danette: What is it you do?
Ann: I am a welder who uses a variety of upcycled metals and materials to create artwork for the home and garden with a touch of whimsy.

2) Danette: How did you get started… Continue Reading →

Roberta Whittemore

Sis and I met sisters Roberta and Jennifer at a show in Namp. They walked in and had a brief visit before leaving. They came back later that day and between the two of them they tried on everything in our booth… EVERYTHING!!

Chatting amongst piles of coats and taking turns holding the mirror, we learned they are from New York, their age difference, their unique tastes in apparel and more. It was like we were long time friends 🙂 We also received the distinction of being their favorite shop of the event.

I would like to introduce the elder sisters, Roberta…

Danette: What is it you do?

Roberta: I have tried many things over the years, looking for something that seems special to me. I have decorated shoes, altered bottles, made wreaths, decorated birdhouses, done mixed media, decoupage, made handmade paper and then made ornaments and cards, etc. out of it, to name a few. I also make small animals/people out of… Continue Reading →

Artist and Horsewomen Lisa Hnatin

I first met Lisa Hnatin on fb where she was selling supplies for one of her projects. We have had fun conversations over the past year, though we’ve never met in person. She is so diverse & fun that I thought you might enjoy getting to know her. From belly dance costumes to bicycling to Tennessee Walker horses to elaborate yard art she has done it!
Danette: What do you create?
Lisa: I create tribal and fusion belly dance hip scarves and belts, upcycled glass garden sculptures, Continue Reading →

Cowgirl Artist Sandi Worthington

In our Creative Journeys we meet the most amazing people! We would like to share one of those people with you….

Sandi is a sharp shootin, horse training cowgirl artist who has a passion for incorporating experiences of her life into amazing art and jewelry.

I(Danette) recently met Sandi at a holiday show, and I was so impressed with her unique designs and the quality of her craftsmanship.  I wanted to get to know her a little better and give other people a chance to learn about Sandi and her wonderful products.  So, here goes…

Danette- What is the name of your business?
Sandi- Visions Of The West

D- What do you make?
S- Original Art,  Paintings, Woodturning, Sculpture, Jewelry, Engraving, Doll house Paintings, making frames for my works.

D- How did you get started making these? Continue Reading →

Miniature Prayer Flags

We love to hear about what moves you to create. In this interview with our Creative Friend Robyn Hill, she shares with us one of her passions… creating tiny Prayer Flags. 

Danette: How did you get started making Prayer Flags?
Robyn: I have always admired the traditional Himalayan prayer flags with their colors, symbols, and meanings. I love how they move in the wind and look so cheerful in the yard. I wanted more flags than I could afford, so I started making non-traditional  “Garden Flags” out of 3” scrap fabric. I wanted to hang some flags inside the house so I decided to go small with 1” squares.  I guess they are “Tiny Flags” now.Miniature Prayer Flags

D: Is anyone else involved in the process? If yes, who & what do they do? Continue Reading →


Tassel Interview with Renee

Thank you Renee for meeting with me(ok, I know we’re sisters, but HEY! I wanted to interview you…) and being willing to share your passion and insights into your world of tassel making.

Danette: So tell me… what are tassels?

Renee: Tassels are decorative additions to jewelry, clothing, bags, scarves, etc that hang down & give the item movement.pile of tassels

Danette: How did you first get started making tassels?

Renee: When I was about 9-10 I was in a 4-H knitting class Continue Reading →

Win a FREE SKIRT…Help us name it!

WE NEED YOUR HELP… naming our new skirt line, so we decided to have a contest, and will let YOU name our new skirt. If you win… Continue Reading →

Update on the Raised Garden Beds

I want to share with you the success of the raised beds that my husband Scott created. The first one he made was for Danette, my sister, and she texted me a few photos. She has hers partitioned off, and she’s been… Continue Reading →

Raised Garden Bed

A few years ago my husband made me two beautiful tall garden boxes. They are made with 4×4 posts in the corners and 2×6’s up the sides. Needless to say, they are permanent fixtures where they sit. image

My sister Danette has a hard time with critters getting into her garden, and my husband came up with a great solution… Continue Reading →

Digging Deep

Renee: We grew up surrounded by thick forests, lush meadows filled with wildflowers in the spring, and meandering streams. From the time I was about 10 years old, I spent every spare minute… Continue Reading →