Fellow Creative Ann Winters

We met Ann at the Moscow Ren Fair in May of 2017, where we fell for her whimsical recycled metal art & for her disarming personality. We had the grand opportunity to go out to dinner with her after the Custers show in Pasco WA, March of 2018. We were laughing so much that people were turning and smiling at us. (It was mostly at Renee’s expense but THAT’S another story….)

1) Danette: What is it you do?
Ann: I am a welder who uses a variety of upcycled metals and materials to create artwork for the home and garden with a touch of whimsy.

2) Danette: How did you get started… making your reclaimed metal art?
Ann: Having worked with Scott Lundquist as a designer/ painter for over 10 years at Black Canyon Restorations, I was ready for a change and wanted to try a new “tool” to make my own artwork. I love working with reclaimed materials and learning how to weld offered me a whole new world where I can create, design, fabricate and manipulate various upcycled metals into my own unique vision of art.

3) Danette: What materials do you use?
Ann: The majority of upcycled materials I use are iron and steel, but I will incorporate copper, brass, aluminum, wood and glass into my designs.

4) Danette: Does it have a particular meaning to you?
Ann:  I’ve been recycling for years, shop at thrift stores for most of my wardrobe, and really try to be conscious of buying used items for the household, instead of brand new. Buying used items that are still functional and worthy makes me feel like I am helping to reduce the amount of material that goes to the landfill and using less of our natural recourses. This is one of the major reasons why I love “Where Sisters Create” clothing designs. Their use of upcycled materials to make unique, beautiful and wearable clothing is so in tune with my own lifestyle and ideals!

5) Danette: What are the inspirations for your designs?
Ann: The outdoors/nature and animals for sure! I usually have two ways in which I create and design my artwork. I find a uniquely shaped object, visualize what it can be made into and combine other pieces to make the final project. Or I have an concept and will then try to find the materials or fabricate my own to finish the idea. For example, I wanted to make a “Star” Fish, but with a twist. First, I created a fish shape out of steel rod and welded the pieces together. Next, I made cut-outs of 3 different star shapes, and traced the stars onto an old metal car hood from the 40’s. Each star (over 40) was plasma cut out of the hood, as well as a tail, top fin and dorsal fin for the fish. Finally, I welded each of the individual stars into place, added the tail, fins and an eye, and whaa-la! A “star” fish!

6) Danette: What is your favorite part?
Ann: It’s a toss-up between hunting for that funky, unique object/ shape or coming up with the concept/ idea of what to make out of a really cool piece of metal. Depending on what the metal shape is, I’ll know right away what to make, or it might be months before inspiration strikes!

7) Danette: If you could hire someone to do something you don’t like, what would it be?
Ann: Filling out the various application forms for each art show, is sooo time consuming, tedious and draining! I would much rather be making something cool in the studio, than having to fill out multiple applications!

8) Danette: Where can your creations be purchased?
Ann:  Currently you can find a variety of my designs at the Idaho Made store in downtown Boise. We are a Co-Operative of 60+ local artists who hand-make all the items for sale as well as help run the store. Stop by and see all the great local, Idaho made art and where you can “meet the makers” at 108 N. 6th St. The store hours are Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-3. I will also be doing various art shows starting in March, running through December as well as The Capital City Public Market, downtown Boise. Please look for postings and like my FB page: AnnWintersArtwork, (The Red Penguin) and on Instagram: 2redpenguin.
PS. I just happen to have my favorite, Where Women Create sweater on for the pic!

A website will be coming soon!

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